OTDR launch cable stored in a compact and light weight case. 500 meters of 9/125µm singlemode fiber is terminated at each end with one 8° angled SC connector (green) and one flat SC connector (blue). Case includes carabiner loop.

The OTDR launch cable or "pulse suppressor" is connected between an OTDR and optical fiber line under test in order to minimize measurement uncertainty and eliminate testing blind spots or "dead zones" caused from reflection. The launch cable allows for the OTDR to shoot passed the initial dead zone and characterize the fiber under test when creating an OTDR trace by introducing a known cable length to the line.

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OTDR Launch Cable, SM 9/125, SCAPC/SCUPC, 500 meter

  • Item ID: 254655
  • FiberTool
  • Brand: FiberTool
  • Model: FLB-OS2-SCAPC-SCUPC-500
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  • $299.99
  • $249.99

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