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Excellent condition!
New surplus/unused. 
Sold as pictured.

These windows are in excellent condition. They look scruffy in the pictures but its only dirt from storage. They haven't been washed down. If you wish to see them cleaned up first then let me know and Ill send new pictures after doing so. These windows are left-overs from construction changes when I built my house.



Glass Diagram 
Glass Illustration

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the use of two thicknesses of glass separated by an air space to improve insulation against heat transfer. Previous glazing efforts often resulted in moisture entering between the panes and causing condensation. Today, most double glazed windows are reliable insulators that will prevent interior fogging. Just the same, one company's double glazed windows are not necessarily the equal of another's. You definitely want to buy your windows from a reputable manufacturer that stands behind its glass with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

Low-E Glass

Low-E stands for low-emissivity. It is a clear window coating applied to one side of the glass in dual-pane windows. What's emissivity? It's simply a measurement of a surface's ability to absorb or reflect radiant energy. The lower the emissivity rating, the better the insulation effect in regard to heat loss.

For years, Low-E glass was a product used for cold climates. But companies like Milgard® have changed that with the introduction of microscopically thin coatings that filter the sun's energy in the summer, keeping your home cool and comfortable by rejecting the sun's heat and damaging rays. These Low-E coatings allow visible light through but block heat-bearing and fabric-fading portions of the solar spectrum. The result is less solar gain and UV protection against fading fabrics and furnishings.

Argon Gas Fill

Argon gas, used between panes, is often an option offered by top window manufacturers. It enhances thermal performance without getting in the way of the view.


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Milgard Window (67”x57”) Dual Pane/Tempered glass, Energy Efficient/ Low-E Glass, Aluminum /#3

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