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The FK12 Angled Fiber Cleaver sets the standard for low reflectance fiber termination of better than -60 dB. Fast and repeatable cleaving of fiber ends at user-selectable cleave angles (0° to 15°) make it possible for device manufacturers to reduce the reflectance of fiber connections and other terminations without the use of index-matching gels. The FK12 is the tool of choice when quick fiber termination and low return loss are required for minimum cost.

Accepts titanium impregnated and polarization maintaining fiber. Cleave angles of 0.24±0.16° or better than 0.5°. Cleave fiber diameters of 80-200µm. Powered on one 9V battery and performs over 10,000 cleaves. Blade performs over 20,000 cleaves before replacement is needed. The FK12 is an angled cleaver that adjusts from 0 to 15° with 1° repeatability at 8°.

Features and Benefits:

  • "Tension first" cleaving, minimizes end face contamination and damage.
  • Ultrasonic cleave initiation ensures flat, defect free cleaves.
  • Long-life diamond blade provides dependable, extended use.
  • Cleave a wide range of fiber types and sizes.
  • Fast end terminations reduce installation and pigtailing costs.

Precision fiber cleaving is easy. All FK-series cleavers employ the same patented operating principle. The fiber to be cleaved is restrained, placed under controlled tension and then the cleaver's ultrasonically vibrating diamond blade is brought into momentary contact with the fiber surface. The flaw created by the blade subsequently propagates through the fiber diameter due to the axial tension and the fiber ultimately cleaves. The result is a clean, flat fiber end face that is virtually free of defects and is optimal for mechanical termination, splicing or testing. For the FK12 cleaver, the user applies a specific amount of torsional stress to the fiber just before the cleaving step to achieve the desired end angle.


Fiber Types Cleaved
Fiber Diameters
125 µm
Maximum Coating Diameter
900 µm
Minimum Cleave Length
~ 6 mm
Cleave Angle Settings
0 to 15°
Cleave Angle Repeatability
< 1° (on 8° settting)
Typical Blade Lifetime
> 20,000 cleaves
9V alkaline (MN1604); estimated battery life > 10,000 cleaves
Dimensions HWD
3.0" x 6.0" x 5.9" (75 x 153 x 150 mm)
2.4 lbs (1.1kg)

Fiber Cleaver
Applicable Fiber Cable Conventional silica optical fiber
Blade Lifespan (Typical) Diamond, estimated life >20,000 cleaves
Cladding Diameter 80 ~ 200µm. Maximum fiber buffer 250µm
Cleaved Angle (Typical) Adjustable between 0° and 15°, with ±1° repeatability. Set at 8° at factory.
Operating Steps N/A
Cleaved Length Minimum cleave length: 6mm. No maximum.
Fiber Catcher No
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 inches
Weight 1.2kg

Photon Kinetics FK12 Ultrasonic Angled Cleaver, 80-200µm (New)

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