Good physical condition, Photonetics Wavelength Tunable Laser Tunics-BT. We are offering this item as a Parts/Repair unit. The interior is very clean. We believe that repair requires the replacement of the Baumer switch and calibration. Upon power-on, the unit attempts to initialize and immediately displays the message, "Error calib. Turn power off". Please contact us if you are interested in this Parts/Repair unit.


Specifications are from manufacturer for a fully functional unit, and may vary due to upgrades, options, or revisions this item may or may not have. Informational purposes only.


Specifications (after 2 hours warm-up)



Mode hop spacing: >40nm

Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±0.2 nm

Tuning repeatability (typ.): ±0.005 nm

Wavelength setting resolution: 0.001 nm

Optical frequency fine tuning: ±2 GHz

Tuning Speed (typ.): 10 s (70 nm)


Laser output

Power stability: ±0.01 dB (over one hour at a constant temp.)

Side mode suppression ratio: >45 dB (measured with a 0 dBm output power)

Relative intensity noise: >145 dB/Hz (measured at an electrical frequency of 100 MHz)



Optical connector: FC-APC

Output fiber: SMF-28

Output isolation: 35 dB

Return loss: 60 dB

Remote control IEEE-488.1: Yes

Remote control RS-232 C: Yes

Low frequency modulation: 10 KHz to 8 MHz

High frequency modulation: 30 KHz to 1 GHz

Mode-lock frequency: No



Operating temperature range: +15 to +30°C; +60 to +85°F

Power supply: 100 to 240 V; 50 to 60 Hz

Dimensions: 340W x 133H x 308D mm3

Weight: 7.5 kg

Warranty Sold As-Is

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Photonetics TUNICS-BT Tunable Diode Laser C-Band TLS, Parts/Repair

  • Item ID: 251593
  • Brand: Photonetics
  • Model: TUNICS-BT
  • Availability: Sold
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $500.00

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