• Corning - 4980-1L | Pyrex 1000ml (4980-1L) Erlenmeyer Flask
These Erlenmeyer flasks by Pyrex are in good condition and have been previously used. They have a capacity of 1000mL, a grad range of 250-1000mL, a grad interval of 50mL, and the rubber stop number 9. The Pyrex flasks are known for having more durable permanent graduations and marking spots. 
Capacity 1000mL
Rubber Stopper No. 9
Grad Range 250-1000mL
Grad Interval 50mL
Approx Height 129 x 216mm
Model 4980
Warranty Sold As-Is

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Pyrex 1000ml (4980-1L) Erlenmeyer Flask

  • Item ID: 253850
  • Brand: Corning
  • Model: 4980-1L
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $11.99

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