• Seikoh Giken SHM-501 Handi Mate Connector Cleaner

This is a brand new Seikoh Giken SHM-501 Handi Mate Connector Cleaner.

Manufacturer Description:

HandiMate Cleaning tool provides a simple, handheld device to assistin removing all types of dust and debris from optical connectors. It is highly effective as a dry cleaner against contaminants such as dirt, lint and oils. The HandiMate also supports wet cleaning processes to remove heavier debris. The patented “Slide-Guide” feature uses Seikoh Giken’s unique “Clean and Advance” Technology to continuously provide a fresh cleaning surface after each use. 

Manufacturer Link: https://www.seikoh-giken.co.jp/en/products/pdf/HandiMate_Apr%2012_e.pdf


  •  Palm sized, Lightweight package, easily fits into tool kit
  •  Non-woven microfiber material supports both dry and wet cleaning processes
  •  Continuous “Clean and Advance” technology controls material and reduces waste
  •  Patented “Slide-Guide” supports both 2.5mm (FC,SC, ST) and 1.25 (LC,MU) ceramic ferrules
  •  Supports both PC and APC polish types
  •  Pop-up cover prevents contamination of cleaning material
  •  Up to 500+ cleanings per unit
  •  ESD Anti-Static materials





Warranty 14-Day Warranty

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Seikoh Giken SHM-501 Handi Mate Connector Cleaner

  • Item ID: 254102
  • Brand: Seikoh/Seiko Giken
  • Model: SHM-501
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Unused Surplus
  • $39.99

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