• Kulicke & Soffa - S2535 | Semitec (Kulicke & Soffa) S2535 Silicon Dicing Blade

These dicing blades were manufactured by Semitec, which is now a company owned by Kulicke & Soffa. Due to this, exact part number specifications could not be found, only current K&S silicon data sheets. These blades are modeled S2535, with a grit size of 4-6µm, a thickness of 52-64 microns (2.0 to 2.5 mil), and the exposure being 35-40µm (.899 to 1.015 mil). The full length of the blade is exactly 2.187" long, and has an inner diameter of .750".

Physical Condition Excellent
Working Condition Fully functional
Weight 1.5 ounces

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Semitec (Kulicke & Soffa) S2535 Silicon Dicing Blade

  • Item ID: 254578
  • Brand: Kulicke & Soffa
  • Model: S2535
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $10.00

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