• Kulicke & Soffa - S3560 | Semitec (Kulicke & Soffa) S3560 Silicon Dicing Blade

These dicing blades were manufactured by Semitec, which is now a company owned by Kulicke & Soffa. Due to this, exact part number specifications could not be found, only current K&S silicon data sheets. These blades are modeled S1635, with a grit size of 4-6µm, a thickness of 77-89 microns (3.0 to 3.5 mil), and the exposure being 60-65µm (1.524 to 1.650 mil). The full length of the blade is exactly 2.187" long, and has an inner diameter of .750".

Operating Condition Fully Functional
Storage Condition New-Surplus
Weight 1.5 ounces

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Semitec (Kulicke & Soffa) S3560 Silicon Dicing Blade

  • Item ID: 254579
  • Brand: Kulicke & Soffa
  • Model: S3560
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Excellent
  • $10.00

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