This item is a TG-7 module which generates 4 signals that can be used for analyzing non-linear distortion in both video and television equipment. It is in good condition, but has not been tested. 

Output Waveform  ------------------------------------------
Stair Step Signals 10-, 5-, 3-stair step signals and ramp signal
APL U701/1: 50% and 10-90% adjustable
Lumincance Output Level Depends on the mainframe
Chromincance signal (standard value)
0.286 Vp-p +/- 3%
Characteristics  ------------------------------------------
Chroma Phase <1% against color burst
DG, DP 0.1%, 0.1degrees
External Signal Selection All signals available
Warranty Guaranteed Not DOA

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ShibaSoku Linearity Module U701/1

  • Item ID: 250688
  • Brand: ShibaSoku
  • Model: U701/1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $15.00

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