The K1403 ISDN Analyzer is mainly used as a test set for measurements on the S0 bus. It is used in development and test departments, performing functional and procedural tests on TEs and NTs in order to verify that the equipment conforms to certain standards (ITU-T I.430). It is able to record measurements of the recievers sensitivity by bit error testing on TEs and and NTs. It is in good working condition. We have a datasheet available, so feel free to contact us for a file.



Measuring panel C73249-A11-L11
Analog1 C73249-A11-L8/L80
Analog2 C73249-A11-L91
Jitter C73249-A11-L30
Functional tests C73249-A11-L15
Artificial line C73249-A11-L160
Power feeding condition C73249-A11-L100
CPU C73249-A11-L12
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Siemens K1403 ISDN Analyzer

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