The ISDN-U-Analyzer K1404 by Siemens is a measuring device which allows you to perform measurements at the ISDN-U interface. You can activate both the ISDN component Network Terminator (NT) and the ISDN component Line Terminator (LT), and observe the operation set-up of layer 1.

It is possible to measure the electrical characteristics as well as the power feeding behavior of the ISDN components. Functional tests and jitter measurements can also be carried out.

K1404 offers all test options defined by the CCITT G961, ANSI Tl.601, ETSI ETR080 and FTZ tTR220 guidelines.

ISDN-U-Analyzer K1404 is a compact test set which combines in a single unit all the modules, signals, auxiliary signals and analyzers required for performing measurement tasks. The functions of the individual modules of the K1404 are coordinated by means of a powerful processor. Each module is controlled by its own microcomputer and is suited for a number of different measuring tasks.

K1404 features a built-in, complete selective measuring station with a frequency range of 500 Hz to 1 MHz. An exact analysis of the power spectrum density of the U signals is possible via selectable bandwidths (25 Hz or 2 kHz). The selective measuring device also supports the device-internal measuring bridges which are necessary for the determination of return loss and longitudinal unbalance at the U interface.

The transmission quality during operation can be determined via the display of a pseudo random signal. The display of specific bit errors is of course possible. In addition, power feeding characteristics may be analyzed using extensive variation possibilities.

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Siemens K1404 Tektronix K1404 ISDN U Analyzer

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