This stainless steel optical post was originally manufacturer by Thorlabs. They are 14 inches in overall length, have a 1.5 inch diameter, and contain two holes throughout the post that have an inner diameter of 5.25mm or .20in. The poles cannot be magnetized, and have a 1/4-20 threaded hole on the top and bottom. 


Manufacturer Description:

Our Ø1.5" Mounting Posts, which are fabricated from nonmagnetic 303 stainless steel, offer a wide range of basic building blocks for assembling large, rigid, 3D structures. The post products detailed on this page are the most essential construction elements onto which a host of accessories can be fastened. The solid stainless steel construction of our posts, post spacers, and post bases are complimented by large-diameter relief cuts at end interface points to provide exceptional strength and rigidity.



Physical Condition Poor
Working Condition Fully functional
Testing Condition Fully Tested

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Thorlabs P14 Stainless Steel Optical Post, 14 Inches, 1/4-20 Holes

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  • Brand: Thorlabs, Inc..
  • Model: P14
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