Test & Measurement

Calibrators (1)
Calibration is a comparison between measurements - one of known magnitude or correctness ma..
Cards (VXI/PXI/PCI) (7)
Modular electronic instrumentation platforms in current use. VXI, PXI and PCI cards and mod..
Cellular Test Equipment (16)
SurplusEQ usually has a variety of cellular and communications equipment or parts in stock,..
Datacom & Telecom (19)
Equipment for communication between computer and telecom systems. EVERYTHING IN DATA & TELE..
Electrical Power (2)
Instruments for measuring the electric power (or the supply rate of electrical energy) in w..
Function Generators (6)
SurplusEQ usually has a variety of function generators in stock, although our stock changes..
Gas Testers (3)
Portable and bench-top gas testing instruments.
Impedance & LCR Meters (1)
Impedance & LCR Meters
Logic Analyzers (5)
Electronic instrument which displays signals in a digital circuit.
Meters & Multimeters (11)
SurplusEQ usually has a variety of handheld digital multimeters (DMMs) in stock, although o..
Microwave (3)
Microwave Equipment
Parts & Accessories (6)
Testing equipment accessories, spare parts and other miscellaneous items. ..
Power Supplies (4)
SurplusEQ usually has a variety of power supplies in stock for electronic testing, although..
Probes (1)
Various physical devices used to connect electronic test equipment to the device under test..
Vibrometers (2)
Devices that measure the characteristics of a vibrating surface.
Other Test Equipment (6)
Other Test Equipment
Test & Measurement

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