This is a very lightly used Thorlabs AC254-100-B-ML, 1 Inch achromatic doublet. The lens coating type is BBar 650-1050nm, f = 100.0mm.

Manufacturer Description for AC254-100-B-ML:

The engraving on mounts 1/2" or larger in diameter clearly indicates the part number, focal length, and antireflection coating deposited onto the surface. The engraved arrow indicates the direction of light propagation to collimate a point source, and an infinity symbol denotes that this lens has an infinite conjugate ratio (i.e., if a diverging light source is placed one focal length away from the flat side of the lens, the light rays emerging from the curved side will be collimated). Mounts smaller than Ø1/2" are engraved with the part number only.

These achromatic doublets, which are designed for use in the near IR spectral region (650 - 1050 nm), are optimized at infinite conjugate ratios.

Achromatic doublets are useful for controlling chromatic aberration and are frequently used to achieve a diffraction-limited spot when using a monochromatic source like a laser.

For best performance, the side of the lens with the largest radius of curvature (flattest side) should face away from the collimated beam.

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Thorlabs AC254-100-B-ML Achromatic Doublet

  • Item ID: 254176
  • Brand: Thorlabs
  • Model: AC254-100-B-ML
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