These trifurcated (multi-branch) fiber optic light guides are used, but in good working condition. The input has a core diameter of 3.50mm, and the three outputs have core diameters of 2.00mm. Transmittance range is assumed to be near general specifications for fiber light guides at about 400-2000nm. If you look at the core, there are a few fiber strands that are broken. This is evident as a black spot is shown. This is a common occurance with aged fiber optic light guides, but it does not make a significant change to light distribution. Since our stock contains various used pieces, there may be small differences between the cores of each light guide. We are specifically referring to which fibers are broken, and which arent. All of the light guides were examined individually, so we were sure to only stock the ones that displayed light effectively.




Physical Condition Good
Working Condition Fully functional
Testing Condition Fully Tested

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Trifurcated Fiber Optic Light Guide, 4ft Length, 3.50mm common, 2.00mm legs

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