This gate valve is in excellent condition. It is controlled by a PH265-02 2-Phase Vexta stepping motor. The valves outer diameter is 3.75", and the inner diameter is 2.80". The diameters are the same on both sides. There is also a groove on the outside of the valve, most likely for a flange clamp. Please see the pictures for more details. The motor specifications are as follows:

MotorVoltage V. DCA/phaseHolding Torque OZ-inHolding Torque N-cm
PH265-02120.4258.341.229360.61101.2 lbs

The valve has a 13-pin mounting receptacle, model MS3102A. Specifications are as follows:

Shell SizeA - Thread Class B - Min Full ThreadKLMNRST & Z
.625.891.453.7501.1251.1561.500.120 & .641

Receptacle Sketch Reference:

Physical Condition Excellent
Working Condition Fully functional
Testing Condition Untested
Dimensions 12 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Weight 12lbs 15oz
Warranty 14-Day Warranty

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Tylan General MDV-028 Motorized Gate Valve

  • Item ID: 254613
  • Brand: Tylan
  • Model: MDV-028
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  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $750.00