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 5000-1 - Lighting

Volpi Intralux 5000-1 Microscope Illuminator

Used, good condition Intralux Illuminator for use with microscopy light guides. This unit has been tested and is in good...

  • Condition: Used


ATT 1032B - Other Optical Test Equipment

ATT Western Electric 200 A Curing Oven Tool Kit

This used ATT Lightguide System Tool Kit 1032B is in good condition and comes in its original case with many accessories...

  • Condition: Used


Fibertron 9450/9451 - Other Optical Test Equipment

Fibertron 9450/9451 Multi-Cure Heater

This used Epoxy Curing Oven Model 9450/9451 by Fibertron is in fair condition and powers on successfully. This multicure...

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Tektronix ORR24 - Other Optical Test Equipment

Tektronix ORR24 2.4gb SONET/SDH Optical Reference Receiver

Tektronix ORR24 2.4gb SONET/SDH REF Reference Receiver ...

  • Condition: Used


LightConnect DGEPRT011 - Other Optical Test Equipment

LightConnect Dynamic Gain Equalizer DGEPRT011

LightConnect Dynamic Gain Equalizer DGEPRT011 C-band (1530-1570nm) Includes: Dynamic Gain Equalizer DB-25 con...

  • Condition: Used


Optocom OPT1185-5.0-FC - Other Optical Test Equipment

Optocom OPT1185-5.0-FC Lightwave Receiver

Optocom OPT1185-5.0-FC Lightwave CDR Receiver for OC-3/STM-1 with FC connectors ...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC - Lasers

Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC Lightwave Transmitter

Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC Lightwave Transmitter for OC-24/STM-8 with FC connectors ...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


ODM TTK 120  - Loss Test Set (OLTS)

ODM TTK-120 Live Fiber Trace & Tone Test Set

Kit includes TP 220 1310nm laser source, RP 450 power meter, LFI-110 fiber identifier and travel case. Tools to identif...

  • Condition: New


HP 11891A - Other Optical Test Equipment

HP 11891A Lightwave Coupler MMF, 50/125 um 1300 nm

This used HP 11891A Lightwave Directional Coupler has a three port, directional coupler for making reflection measuremen...

  • Condition: Used


Highwave Technologies DWDM MUX/DEMUX - Other Optical Test Equipment

Highwave Optical Technologies DWDM MUX/DEMUX

This used Highwave Optical Technologies DWDM MUX/DEMUX is in good physical condition and power on tested. Actual item sh...

  • Condition: Used


Generic Iris - Irises, Apertures & Shutters

Iris Aperture with Mounting Brackets

This iris aperture has been previously used. Unfortunately, we are not able to identify the Brand or Model. This iris co...

  • Condition: Used


Ultra Tec Manufacturing 5-8846-1 - Polishers & Grinders

Ultra Tec Ferrule Protrusion Gauge

Used, good condition Ultra Tec Ferrule Protrusion Gauge for measuring the protrusion of a batch of connectorized ferrule...

  • Condition: Used


 Various - Gas, Liquid & Vacuum

Dwyer Magnehelic Gauges, Inches of Water, Lot of 4

Lot of 4 used Dwyer Magnehelic Gauges for displaying Inches of Water, 15 PSIG. Actual gauges shown. Sold as pictured. ...

  • Condition: Used


Jonard Tools TK-50 - Tool Kits

Jonard TK-50 Telecom Installers Kit, 5-piece

Manufacturer's Description: The perfect kit for simple installations - includes all of the basic necessities for tele...

  • Condition: New


Sticklers (Microcare) MCC-FK03 - Cleaning Kits

Sticklers MCC-FK03 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Kit includes splice and connector cleaners, CleanWipes, CleanWipes 400, 25 Sticklers CleanWipes Singles, S25 CleanStixx,...

  • Condition: New


Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm & 1.25mm Connectors

Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm & 1.25mm Connectors

Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm fiber optic connectors, and includes adapter for 1.25mm connectors. Ea...

  • Condition: New

$49.99 $59.99

EFD 5118PPS - Dispensing Equipment

EFD Ultra Dispensing Tips, 5118PPS-B (New), 50pcs

New-Surplus EFD 5118PPS-B Ultra Liquid Dispensing Tips. This package has been unopened. Contains 50 tips. ...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Allied Telesis AT-PC2002POE  - Fiber Media Converters

Allied Telesis Media Converter, AT-PC2002/POE Gigabit Ethernet 500m LC (New)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $382.000. New-surplus fiber optic media converters with our one-year war...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


FiberTool LCUPC15dB - Attenuators

FiberTool LC/UPC 15dB Female to Male SM Fiber Attenuator

LC/UPC 15dB Female to Male build out singlemode fiber attenuator An attenuator is used in fiber networks to reduce th...

  • Condition: New


MKS Instruments 370HS-1 -

MKS Instruments 370HS-1 Baratron Pressure Head

This used 370HS-1 Baratron Pressure Head by MKS is in fair condition and has a 1 Torr range. Sold as pictured. ...

$52.00 $65.00

ILX OMM-6810B - Meters

ILX Lightwave OMM-6810B Optical Multimeter 350 to 1650nm

This used ILX Lightwave OMM-6810 Power Meter is in good physical condition and powers on successfully. The OMM-6810 has ...

  • Condition: Used

$670.00 $745.00

Parker Daedal 2350 - Optical Mounts

Parker Daedal 2350 Aluminum Optical Cell Mount, 4 inch

This used 4 inch aluminum Kinematic Optical Lens / Mirror Mount by Daedal is in good condition. The mount measures 5.75 ...

  • Condition: Used


SMC VM13 - Tubing, Valves & Fittings

SMC VM13 2 Port Valves Mechanical with Toggle Switch

This is a two port valve made by SMC, model VM13, this comes with a mechanical toggle switch. This product appears to be...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Ericsson blk-vgroove - Parts & Accessories

Ericsson FSU Fusion Splicer Black V-Grooves

V-grooves for Ericsson FSU-series fusion splicers, models FSU-925, 975 and 995-FA splicers. The black v-grooves accomoda...

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Custom N/A - Fiber Strippers

Fiber Optic Stripper with Caliper

Fiber Optic Stripper with Caliper...

  • Condition: Used


Staedtler 746 710  - Cleaning Products

Staedtler 746 710 Ultrasonic Wave Cleaner

This used Staedtler 746 710 Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used to clean and sterilize optical fiber endfaces. It can also cl...

  • Condition: Used


INNO Instrument V7 - Cleavers

INNO V7 High Precision Cleaver

V7 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. V7 can be installed with a variety of holde...

  • Condition: New


Jonard Tools JIC-375 - Fiber Strippers

Jonard JIC-375 Fiber Optic Three Hole Stripper

Manufacturer's Description: Three hole Fiber Optic Stripper model performs all common fiber stripping functions. This...

  • Condition: New


Jonard Tools JIC-22035 - Tool Kits

Jonard JIC 22035 Insulated Probe Pick Spudger

Manufacturer's Description: Tough resilient yellow nylon insulating probe "spudger". One end is tapered to a 1/16" di...

  • Condition: New


Jonard Tools ST-500 - Fiber Strippers

Jonard ST-500 900um Adjustable Fiber Optic Wire Stripper

These Precision Wire Strippers feature an adjustment dial that allows the operator to select one of six different settin...

  • Condition: New


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