We have a large stock of these Vytran fusion splicers. We sold a number of these splicers over the years and you can have them rebuilt by Vytran. It still expensive but considerably cheaper than buying new from Vytran.

Contact us if you have questions we can tell you about experiences other customers have had in dealing with Vytran. You can save tens of thousands of dollars by purchasing one of our used splicers and having it rebuilt by Vytran. Or, set up a second splicer using your computer and software.


This Vytran FFS-2000 Filament Fusion Splicing Workstation is in good physical condition. Using our in-house Vytran software (not for sale), the unit was tested and the various motors were controllable through the software. The vacuum system is operational when inserting fiber holder blocks into the cleaning station. Actuating the cleave button on the splicer initiates a cleave motor operation. Vacuum pump does not start when inserting the fiber holder blocks into the splicing fixture slots. The top lid of the recoating module is broken. Unit requires an external recoating injection system for recoating process. Unit includes soaking and cleaning stations. No computer or software are included. Please contact us if you have questions on this unit. Actual item shown. Sold as pictured.



Overall Size 17.0" x 13.9" x 5.0" (432 x 353x 127 mm)
  Weight 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  Power 12V DC External power supply provided with universal AC input
  Operating System PC-based with Windows interface
Fiber Prep Soaking Station Solvent pre-soak station available for "hard" coatings
  Coating Stripper Thermal mechanical stripping process for high-strength coating removal
  Fiber Cleaner Ultrasonic cleaning that maintains fiber strength
Splicing Fusion Method Filament Fusion
  Fusion Temperature Constant power control for consistent fusion process
  Alignment Method Fully automated by True Core Imaging or external feedback
  X-Y Fiber Positioning Stepper motor controlled (0.01µm resolution)
  Z Fiber Feed Stepper motor controlled (0.125µm resolution)
  Fiber Viewing Real time image processing system viewed directly on computer monitor
  Strength Enhancement Automated post-fusion fire polish step for high strength splicing
  Loss Estimation True Core Imaging technology for accurate loss calculating
PM Rotation Option Rotation Alignment Fully automated by End-View Alignment technology or external feeback
  Rotation Drive Stepper motor controller (0.01° resolution)
  Rotation Travel 190° left and right sides
Recoating Recoat Mold Quartz
  Recoat Diameter 280µm standard: custom sizes lamps
  UV Source Four (4) tungsten halogen lamps
Proof Testing Maximum Tension 20 pounds (9.1 kg)
  Mandrel Size 2" diameter (51mm)
  Accuracy ± 2%


Warranty Sold As-Is

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Vytran FFS-2000 Fusion Splicer

  • Item ID: 250092
  • Vytran LLC
  • Brand: Vytran LLC
  • Model: FFS-2000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $939.60

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